Let’s fade
Concept, Music, Production

Let’s fade
Music&Videoart / 12min / 2016
Concept, Music, Production: Rojin Sharafi
Performance: Raphael Michon

Let’s fade” shows a visual labyrinth in its form and the space it takes place.

The video is representing a body-performance in an abandoned place. The idea of the performance is making pulses and noises by hitting your own body; as our ancestors did. This action could be interpreted nowadays in many different ways. All these interpretations may work because of the roll of interbordered music.

The music is in some parts distorted or contains white noise which highlight the footprints of imperfect recorded folks music of different regions. From Mongolian and Balouch to Bakhtiari. They all lead very smoothly to one another, which also brings forward the whole work.
“Let’s fade” has a cross-genre music from different eras, which builds a floating bridge to our past and present.