My background

Images that I remember from my childhood are full of smells and lights. They’ve been remained so abstract that I can define them however I like them to be. Years later my life merged with being a rebellion. I was searching for the fire that keeps my ideas burning. My room’s window had been opened to ocean of computer science.

At the same time my friends and I were taking influences mainly from cinema and literature. Experimenting and art became our passion! Through creating and arguing with each other, I learnt how to see subjects in my own way; how to expand and develop my ideas and how to work with form, material, motif and texture.

These are still the fundament of my creating process. For me entering in music scene was the tunnel in the road, which makes the road more adventurous and exciting. I started to work on my musical language when I was 17 and from there on I was attracted to this dimension of my self, which leads me to study composition and sound engineering in Vienna.

I’m still in the tunnel and I’m happy to live without forecasting the end and enjoy my music that shapes the silence and the road.