Feb. 2018 die-anderen-bIlder film screening on ORF3, a collaboration with the filmmaker  and author Iris Blauensteiner/ Arte release will be announced soon
Sep. 2017 “Macguffin” performed by Ensemble Platypus for their tenth anniversary, the premiere in Echoraum, Vienna
June 2017 “The tribe roams around” premiered by Ensemble Phoenix Basel, the premiere in Gare du Nord, Basel
June 2017 “ask my ash” performed by Black Page Orchestra,  the premiere in Kammer Licht Spiele, Klagenfurt
Apr. 2017 “your fossil, over there” commissioned by the Platform Gender_mdw and Franz Schubert Institute as a part of 200th anniversary of mdw, premiered in Fanny Hensel-Saal, Vienna
Nov. 2017 “Let’s fade“ premiered at the Entkunstung Independent Magazine’s opening party in Elektro Gönner, Vienna
June 2016 “Wanna blaze, totem?” performed by Ensemble Platypus, a collaboration with fashion design collective “Modeficatiion” premiered at Echoraum, Vienna
Dec. 2015 “by the bye, adieu au genre“ premiered at Joseph Haydn-Saal, Vienna
Dec. 2014 “Resonance Torso“ Premiered in Porgy and Bess, Vienna
Mar. 2013 „Defamiliarizing the defamiliarization” premiered in Kons.Theater, Vienna