Apr. 2019  Berlin, DE “The tribe roams around” performed by Ensemble Unitedberlin || Composition
Feb. 2019  Ghent, BE Artist in residence at Gouvernement in collaboration with Kavir collective, Kunstencentrum Vooruit || Live performance
Dec. 2018  Vienna, AT “The wind will carry us” performed at Musik & Wein vol. 4, Enoteca Piemontissimo || Composition
Nov. 2018  Vienna, AT “Huginn. Munin. Odin.” performed by Art Ensemble Berlin for Österreichischer Komponistinnenpreis Competition award ceremony at Wien Modern festival, Rathaus || Composition
Nov. 2018  Vienna, AT “Roam” in rhiz || Live performance
Oct. 2018  Vienna, AT “Gwat” for Unsafe+Sounds Festival at Arena || Live performance
Sep. 2018   “Pulp” released on “Girih: Iranian Sound Artists Volumes I – IV” / Zabte Sote – Opal Tapes
July 2018  Washington DC, USA “Sandbox” performed by Alison Rowe at The Revolution & Movements Exhibition IFCA, Dupont Underground || Composition
July 2018  Tehran, IR “Gwat” for SETxCTM Festival at Tehran Independent Theater || Live performance
June 2018  Vienna, AT “Chassé Croisé” film screening at FAK Wien || Sound design and Music
Feb. 2018  Graz, AT “die-anderen-bIlder” film screening on ORF3, a collaboration with the filmmaker and author Iris Blauensteiner premiered at Diagonale Festival des österreichischen Films 2018/ Arte release in 2019  || Sound design and Music
Sep. 2017  Vienna, AT “Macguffin” performed by Ensemble Platypus for their tenth anniversary in Echoraum || Composition
June 2017 Basel, CH “The tribe roams around” premiered by Ensemble Phoenix Basel in Gare du Nord || Composition
June 2017 Klagenfurt, AT “ask my ash” performed by Black Page Orchestra,  the premiere in Kammer Licht Spiele || Composition
Apr. 2017  Vienna, AT “your fossil, over there” commissioned by the Platform Gender_mdw and Franz Schubert Institute as a part of 200th anniversary of mdw, premiered in Fanny Hensel-Saal || Composition
Nov. 2017  Vienna, AT “Let’s fade” premiered at the Entkunstung Independent Magazine’s opening party in Elektro Gönner || Sound and Video art
June 2016  Vienna, AT “Wanna blaze, totem?” performed by Ensemble Platypus, a collaboration with fashion design collective “Modeficatiion” premiered at Echoraum || Composition
Dec. 2015  Vienna, AT “by the bye, adieu au genre” premiered at Joseph Haydn-Saal  || Composition
Dec. 2014  Vienna, AT “Resonance Torso” Premiered in Porgy and Bess || Composition
Mar. 2013  Vienna, AT “Defamiliarizing the defamiliarization” premiered in Kons.Theater || Composition